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From paddleboarding, fishing, kayaking and canoeing – there’s plenty to enjoy on the Bridgewater Canal!


Various species of fish can be found in the Bridgewater Canal including Rudd, Roach, Carp, Perch, Bream, Tench and Pike. 

If you would like to fish on the canal, there are a number of fishing clubs which have a licence to fish on various stretches.  

The clubs and the stretches of canal they are responsible for are listed below. Please ensure you follow the Fishing Code of Practice which can be found here.


Fishing clubs

Lymm Anglers 

Waterloo Bridge Runcorn to Waters Meeting Preston Brook 

Warrington Anglers Association 

Preston Brook Tunnel (Preston Brook) to Hulme Hall Bridge Manchester       

Waters Meeting Stretford to A580 East Lancashire Road Morley’s Bridge Leigh.  

Contact Secretary: Frank Lythgoe 01928 716238 

Leigh and District Anglers  

A580 East Lancashire Road Morley’s Bridge Leigh to 62 metres East of King Street Bridge A572 Leigh.  

Contact: 01942 604125 or 01942 876163 


Paddle boarding

In August 2021, stand-up paddle boarding arrived on the Bridgewater Canal, in commemoration of the 260th anniversary.  

In December 2020, the Bridgewater Canal Company carried out a survey into the health and wellbeing benefits of the canal during the Covid-19 lockdowns and SUP was a popular request for additional recreational activities on the canal. As a result, the Bridgewater Canal Company worked with British Canoeing to make the waterway an approved location for stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). 

Anyone wishing to use a SUP on the Bridgewater Canal must be a member of British Canoeing. 

We recommend that paddle boarders wear high visibility clothing as well as a life buoyancy jacket or personal floatation aid. 

British Canoeing provides a wealth of information on stand-up paddle boarding through the Go Paddling website. Join or renew membership with British Canoeing here.

View the routes Go Paddling have made for the canal:



Canoes, kayaks or stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) that are licensed by British Canoeing are permitted to use the Bridgewater Canal free of charge, subject to the display of a valid licence and our conditions of licensing.  
We recommend that you wear high visibility clothing as well as a life buoyancy jacket or personal floatation aid. If you are not a British Canoeing member, you are not permitted to use the Bridgewater Canal.

See The Bridgewater Canal from a new perspective, whether you fancy a lone paddle or would like to spend some time with friends or family, Grip Adventure offer you a unique experience. We provide a tutorial on paddle technique and all the equipment you need to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


The Bridgewater Way

Regenerating the canalside for walkers and cyclists.



From colourful canal boats to day boat hire and pleasure cruises.



Ramble the length of the canal or take a leisurely waterside stroll – there’s something for everyone.



The Bridgewater Canal welcomes cyclists of all ages and abilities.



There are a number of fishing clubs which have a licence to fish on various stretches of the Canal.


Food & Drink

There are plenty of pubs and restaurants which back on to, or are very close to the Bridgewater Canal.



The Bridgewater Canal flows by lots of popular attractions making it the perfect route to a fantastic day out.



The Bridgewater Canal is a 65km (39 mile) canal stretching from Runcorn to Leigh in the North West of England.


Terms & Conditions

Guidelines for all users of the canal from boat owners and fishermen to walkers and cyclists.


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